Tuesday, 10 June 2014

AllTradeServices Put Down my Laminate Flooring Quickly & With No Hassle

I had always wanted laminate flooring installed in my living-room and hall but had never gotten round to it. Eventually I thought I’d bite the bullet and get in contact with a company that looked like they knew their stuff, I came across AllTradeServices.

They seemed highly rated and praised so I decided to give them a call, I ended up speaking with someone who had actually laid down flooring many time in the past. He took me through what actually goes into installing laminate flooring; it was a harder process than I had thought! After having a pleasant conversation, we decided on the workmen coming over two days from now at a time that suited me.

2 days later they arrived just before the agreed time, which was good as it showed they were prepared. They came in and we had a quick conversation about what had to be done and how long it would take, I was even more surprised how difficult the process sounded, the wood had to be cut exactly right or it couldn’t be used! Anyhow, they got to work not long after and I left them to do their magic.

Fast-forward to the end result and I couldn’t believe my eyes. Both the hall and living-room looked fantastic, better than I had imagined them finished in my head. The price was lower than expected too, so that was an added bonus. We had another quick chat where I couldn’t stop thanking them for their great work; I said I would recommend them to everyone, so here I am.

Check out www.AlltradeServices.co.uk today!

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